Top 10 Things to Ask a Through-Channel Marketing Automation Provider

Top 10 Things to Ask a Through-Channel Marketing Automation Provider

Brands aiming to increase sales in local markets often need an upgrade in Through-Channel Marketing Automation technology. But not all Distributed Marketing solutions are equal. To find the right fit, brands need to ask the right questions in order to get started.  Here are the Top 10 questions that can narrow your brand’s search for a TCMA solution:

1. Does the TCMA technology meet the demands of your vertical?

  • What kind of brands does the distributed marketing platform serve?
  • Does the distributed marketing platform focus on B2B2C or B2B2B companies?

2. Is it an Ad Builder or a comprehensive TCMA solution?

  • Does it include “ad resizing on the fly” so multiple ad sizes can be output?
  • Does the platform offer limited customization or highly complex rules-based customization options for brand compliance?
  • How are the platform’s ad building capabilities connected to customization, local marketing campaign fulfillment and marketing analytics?

3. Does the TCMA provider own its technology software, or is the technology white labeled from another provider’s software?

  • Is TCMA the provider’s core business?
  • Is the TCMA provider capable of custom development?

4. What kind of marketing tactics does the TCMA platform offer?

  • Does it offer the traditional marketing and digital marketing campaign tactics your brand currently uses?
  • What about newer digital marketing campaign tactics, that your brand may want to explore?

5. Is the TCMA platform equipped to handle vendor management and marketing fulfillment?

  • What is the quality and scope of marketing service integrations available?
  • Does the platform allow your brand to integrate your own vendors?
  • Would tapping into these capabilities make the process easier or more complicated for your brand?

6. What are the TCMA platform’s e-commerce capabilities?

  • Does it offer real-time payment solutions for Co-Op Advertising and MDF?
  • Does it have an automated claims and reimbursement process?
  • What if you want a combination of claims processing and co-pay options?

7. What kind of services and support are available with the TCMA platform?

  • What level of client relationship management services are offered?
  • Can the distributed marketing platform be adapted and customized to fit the configuration of your brand’s processes and partner network?

8. Does the TCMA platform include a partner engagement strategy?

  • Is the platform designed to increase partner engagement?
  • Is it capable of offering support and guidance to your brand’s partner network?

9. Will the TCMA platform deliver visibility on ROI?

  • What kind of local marketing analytics reports are available on the distributed marketing platform?
  • How quickly can your team access the data they need?
  • What kind of support is available if your partners can’t find what they’re looking for?
  • Is data available on both marketing campaign tactics and partner engagement?

10. Will the TCMA provider treat you like a VIP Brand?

  • Do you have access to the TCMA provider’s C-suite executives in the decision-making process and beyond?


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