Step 1

How to Navigate the Buying Process for Through Channel Marketing Automation Software

The first step to buying Through Channel Marketing Automation software is to identify your company’s local marketing problems and the challenges your reseller network faces. Feedback and guidance from the key stakeholders and decision makers will provide a roadmap of concerns and priorities. TCMA research done at the beginning of the buying process helps buyers weed out marketing technology providers that can’t meet their needs and avoid costly mistakes.

Know your budget and your end-users: Ask stakeholders about budget requirements and other essential needs: Are you looking for marketing technology providers that serve companies whose end-users are consumers (B2B2C), or other businesses (B2B2B), or both? Advertising to businesses is very different from advertising to consumers. It can take 6x the amount of money to target a consumer; therefore, the tactics and spend deployed is fundamentally different.

Finding leading TCMA providers: Look for third-party validation from independent research firms that monitor and evaluate the TCMA industry. This will help you begin compiling a list of leading TCMA software providers.

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