Step 3

Select the Brand-to-Local Platform that Best Fits Your Needs

To find the right brand-to-local marketing platform for your company, create a short list of leading distributed marketing technology providers. It’s also important to continue building upon stakeholder consensus, to schedule demos with leading brand-to-local platforms, and to initiate the discovery process before you lock yourself into a buying decision.

Choose demos from only leading distributed marketing software providers that can deliver on what they promise. Look for third party validation, client testimonials, and industry recognition that weed out the leaders from the rest.

If your company requires an RFI or RFP, invite only those distributed marketing software providers that meet your company’s requirements and match your business model. RFPs are not necessarily required for this process; however, some corporations may require an RFP based on spend levels. For an RFP, select the grouping of requirements that are most relevant to your core goals and objectives.

Invest time in the discovery process before you choose a brand-to-local marketing platform. This will save you from making a costly mistake.

Pricing vs. Value: Understanding the pros and cons of different pricing models, as well as the cost of inaction, will help you evaluate whether a brand-to-local marketing platform can meet your brand’s distributed marketing needs.

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