Partner Marketing Support

Partners are critical to your Brand’s success in local markets, but the challenges they face can seem insurmountable:

challenge of running a business

Running a business and focusing on sales leaves little time to handle marketing

challenge of incompatible systems

Incompatible systems, manual processes, stringent Brand guidelines and unfamiliar new tactics add unwanted layers of complexity

challenge of incompatible systems

Cumbersome claims and reimbursement processes seem like more trouble than they’re worth

challenge of claims and reimbursement process

SproutLoud takes the pressure off your Partners and positions them for greater success. Our certified Local Marketing Experts (LMEs) provide Partners with white-glove concierge support from start to finish.

certified local marketing experts

Certified Local Marketing Experts

SproutLoud’s certified LMEs are trained to proactively reach out to Partners within Brand networks to:

  • Enroll and onboard Partners in the SproutLoud platform
  • Perform “Digital Diagnostic Health Checks” to gauge their current digital presence compared to their top local competitors
  • Provide ongoing strategic guidance on effective campaigns and tactics
  • Provide and review performance reporting with Partners
  • Handle last-mile local marketing execution, including digital and traditional Local Media Buys

Partner engagement

Partner Ignite

Partner Ignite amplifies the Brand’s voice in local markets by driving Partner engagement and participation in Brand-sponsored local marketing campaigns. Our certified Local Marketing Experts proactively reach out to Partners by phone, email and text to get them engaged. They share insights attained through our SproutLoud 20/20 marketing research service, which identifies what sets top performers apart from the rest of the Partner network. Partner Ignite focuses on how to replicate those top-performing behaviors and drive greater success across your Brand’s entire Partner network. Our LMEs provide Partners with customized local marketing guidance through group training sessions, webinars and one-one-one consultations.

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