SproutLoud Incent™

Transforming Channel Incentive

Management and Local Funding Programs

Brands invest billions in channel incentives and local funding, like co-op marketing, development funds, and rebates, to boost local demand, yet they frequently lack insight into the effectiveness of these investments.

Streamline and

SproutLoud Incent is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance your incentive programs. With simplified claims and reimbursement processes and innovative co-pay options, SproutLoud gives your local stakeholders flexible spending options within a single platform.

Unlock your channel
marketing strategy

With SproutLoud Incent, unleash the full power of your channel marketing strategy and efficiently oversee local funding for locations or employees, thus ensuring that your incentives are not just a cost of doing business, but powerful tools for growth.

Simplify and Amplify
with SproutLoud Incent

SproutLoud Incent offers a suite of innovative products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Add SproutLoud Attract and allow local stakeholders to instantly fund their in-platform marketing programs through SproutPay Instant Funding. You set the rules to determine how your money gets spent. For off-platform marketing activities, SproutLoud offers a robust claims management system to reduce the costs of claims processing.

SproutLoud Incent goes way beyond traditional incentive management, offering process automations that save time, reduce errors, and provide unprecedented reporting into the performance of your spend.

Features and Benefits

Channel Incentive Program Management

Effortlessly implement and administer your channel incentive programs with our user-friendly platform. Keep your local stakeholders engaged and motivated with clear, easily accessible incentives that drive performance.

SproutLoud Incent was built as a cloud-native, API first technology. The module includes a robust set of APIs to connect to your systems or the systems of your providers.

Say goodbye to delays. With SproutPay Instant Funding, you build logic driven rules to provide your local users with instant access to funds at the correct subsidy level for channel partner tier or tactic utilized, removing the requirement for the local user to finance 100% of the marketing activity by only requiring payment for their share and completely eliminating the claims and reimbursement process.

For those marketing activities that need to remain off-platform, our automated process streamlines submissions, validations, and approvals, cutting down the time and effort required to manage claims.

We infuse AI into SproutLoud Incent to maximize automation and the user experience.

Why Choose SproutLoud Incent?

Choosing SproutLoud Incent means opting for a solution that understands the nuances of managing thousands of unique local budgets. Our platform is designed not just to manage, but to optimize your incentive programs, turning them into strategic assets that contribute to your overall success. With SproutLoud Incent, you can:


Enhance Local Stakeholder Engagement.

Keep your stakeholders motivated with streamlined incentive programs that are easy to understand and access.


Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Stay top-of-mind with local stakeholders so they promote you over the competition.


Drive Marketing Efficiency.

Automate processes to save time and resources, allowing you and your local stakeholders to focus on key initiatives that drive growth.


Improve Program Effectiveness.

Gain insights into the performance of your incentive programs with advanced analytics, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance outcomes.


Accelerate Time-to-Market.

With instant funding and automated claims management, empower your local stakeholders to act swiftly and capitalize on marketing opportunities.

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