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Marketing Analytics

Invest only in what works

Brands with incompatible systems, disparate vendors and no visibility on ROI can’t measure local marketing success in any meaningful way. SproutLoud’s comprehensive Channel Marketing Automation platform provides brands with the insight they need to make data-driven decisions and drive better results throughout their partner networks.

SproutLoud marketing stats

SproutLoud brings all aspects of local marketing, from start to finish, into one centralized, controlled, measurable environment: our comprehensive SaaS platform. This allows SproutLoud Marketing Analytics to track performance metrics on every tactic, campaign and marketing program within their partner network. Brands can also track partner performance for an individual partner or by group, class, tier or territory.

See what’s driving local marketing ROI

Centralized analytics eliminates the manual work once needed to aggregate metrics from vendors across the entire partner network. SproutLoud's Marketing Analytics dashboards allow brands and partners to easily access relevant data.

Monitor performance metrics on tactics, campaigns and partners.

Compare ROI on different types of tactics, including digital and traditional.

Get timely, relevant data that allows you to respond to changing marketing conditions.

Automatically subscribe to analytics reports daily, weekly or monthly to get the intelligence you need to make data-driven decisions.

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