Open Initiative

Enterprise companies need systems that talk to each other. That’s the core premise of the SproutLoud Open Initiative: our commitment to building the most flexible, developer-friendly, brand-to-local technology focused on providing the connectivity our clients need for data exchange.

Open Initiative - The most flexible, developer-friendly, brand-to-local technology

The Open Initiative is primarily focused on three aspects:

Open Initiative - Reduced efforts and IT resources to integrate with SproutLoud

Reducing the amount of effort and IT resources required to integrate with SproutLoud

Open Initiative - Secure environment to connect with third-party systems

Creating a secure environment for SproutLoud to connect with third-party systems

Open Initiative - More options to seamlessly work with SproutLoud

Giving customers more options to seamlessly work with SproutLoud

Developer Portal

SproutLoud’s Developer Portal allows enterprise companies to offer integrations to their partners while maintaining control over the data they share by creating individual integration points. Developers looking to integrate platforms with SproutLoud can access learning resources, documentation, integration options, and additional benefits, including:

Open Initiative - Faster Coding

Faster coding through auto generated API Clients and server stubs

Open Initiative - Enhanced Security

Enhanced security through the use of OAuth 2.0 and two legged authentication

Open Initiative - Broader Data Integration

Broader data integration options powered by RESTful APIs and webhooks to help enterprise companies automate day-to-day operations and scale for growth

All SproutLoud APIs were transitioned to industry standard OpenAPI 3 to support standardized documentation and offer easy integration with clients’ systems. SproutLoud’s Developer Portal complements a bleeding edge API gateway and broadened API support that allows SproutLoud to create, publish, maintain and monitor APIs at scale.


SproutLoud’s Connectors power integrations to more than 400 applications, with no code or low code implementation, designed to automate and streamline processes.

Solutions built using connectors allow third-party systems to effortlessly integrate with the SproutLoud platform. Those integrations could be bidirectional, meaning both systems can send and receive data to and from the other system. This supports complex workflows where both systems need to interchange data synchronously and asynchronously. Within a spectrum of possible integrations, here are three common examples:

Open Initiative - SproutLoud Connectors
Open Initiative - Connectors provide the ability to push reporting data to a data warehouse

Connectors provide the ability to push reporting data to a client’s data warehouse, or data lake, where they can combine it with other relevant data, such as sales and transactions, for advanced analytics and insight.

Open Initiative - Connectors enable SproutLoud to pull data from external sources

Connectors enable SproutLoud to easily pull data from an external system without the need to host the data. For example, this simplifies creating solutions for Customer Data Ingestion, allowing communication and data exchange between an external CRM and the SproutLoud platform.

Open Initiative - Connectors enable brands to integrate their DAM systems with SproutLoud

Connectors enable Enterprise brands to integrate their Digital Asset Management systems with SproutLoud. This allows for the customization of assets within templates hosted on the SproutLoud platform, eliminating the need to manage assets in two separate locations. For documents or any type of downloadable file, users can access those unique assets without duplication from the brand’s main DAM system.

Broadcast System

SproutLoud’s Broadcast System enables enterprise clients to automate and streamline their day-to-day operations based on relevant events that occur in our system.

When a relevant event occurs in our platform, SproutLoud can push that event to a webhook. Through webhooks, clients receive events so they can automate processes. SproutLoud delivers timely, relevant information that enterprise clients need. This allows brands and their reseller partners to do a lot more with automating how SproutLoud’s application connects to their own martech stacks.

For example,  brand channel marketers can choose to be notified about their channel partners’ activities within the SproutLoud platform, including nearly 40 relevant events involving:

Open Initiative - SproutLoud’s Broadcast System
Open Initiative - Order marketing activity

Ordering a marketing activity (submission, cancelation, payment fail or completion)

Open Initiative - Co-op Marketing Funds or MDF Transactions

Transactions for Co-Op Marketing Funds or Market Development Funds  (creating, adjusting, reserving or expiring funds)

Open Initiative - Marketing Campaign Activities

Marketing campaign activities (submitting, starting, pausing, canceling, completing)

In such instances, our customers’ IT teams can kickstart automated processes using their favorite workflow automation tool. The Broadcast System incorporates all security best practices to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the data exchanged between SproutLoud and third-party systems, including digital asset management, order management and agency management systems.

Open Initiative - Webhook Management

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