SproutLoud Supports Multi-Tier Distribution Channels

SproutLoud’s focus on the vertical integration of multi-tier distribution models means extending marketing and sales enablement tools holistically through multiple layers of the channel. SproutLoud is the only platform purposefully built for two-tier or three-tier distribution businesses.

SproutLoud Supports Multi-Tier Distribution Channels

Why Multi-Tier Support Matters


Working with Multiple Partners Augments Reach

Multi-tier support for distributed marketing means brands can expose their tools to more parties at different levels of the distribution chain.


Get Closer to the Consumer

With multi-tier support, your brand can build relationships with the frontline employees and channel partners, who otherwise may not be known to you. This enables brands to influence the actions of the parties who are closest to servicing the consumer.


Stronger Brand Control

Multi-tier support gives brands more control over funding, branding and messaging workflows, allowing all parties to synchronize and integrate their message to the end consumer.


Enhanced Cross-Functional Collaboration

Brand teams have expanded beyond sales and marketing to encompass stakeholders in operations, finance, procurement, technology — in the field and at corporate locations.

If your brand operates in a multi-tier distribution channel, then you need a platform that supports complex distribution models, which is how most businesses go to market today. Your distributed marketing platform needs to support collaboration at all levels, not hinder it.

Software Features that Support Your Multi-Tier Distribution Business 

Build Your Organizational Hierarchy

Construct your distributed marketing platform around your business, not the other way around. With multi-tier organizational support, your brand can define the external and internal marketing channels you need to support, giving you control over the flow of your sales and marketing resources.

Build Your Organizational Hierarchy


Allow Partners to Independently Create Their Own Networks

If desired, multi-tier support gives your partners — distributors, retailers, dealers, agents, multi-location stores, etc. — the tools they need to build their own networks, bringing your brand’s funds and content to the people that need it most, the frontline. All this can be done with the proper authentication and permission tools your brand requires.

Allow Partners to Independently Create Their Own Networks

Upstream and Downstream Funding Workflows

Multi-tier funding support helps you control the flow of the marketing funding distribution chain. Multiple workflows, including the support of funding pools, helps you regain control of how your money works for you.

Upstream and Downstream Funding Workflows

Provide Insight into Performance at Every Level

Multi-tier support can give you detailed insights into how your partners, funds, content, and campaigns are performing at every level. This information automatically aggregates based on the layers defined in your organizational hierarchy.

Provide Insight into Performance at Every Level

If your enterprise is ready to super-charge marketing through all levels of your distribution channels, then you need a platform that supports multi-tier business models.

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