Transforming Co-Op Marketing

Eliminating Co-Op Marketing obstacles paves the way for better results. Co-Op Advertising is meant to benefit brands and their partners, when both invest in local marketing.

SproutLoud offers a comprehensive solution to increase partner participation by transforming your brand’s traditional Co-Op Advertising into a co-pay system with robust change management features, which mitigates any risk and disruption to your partner network.

Transforming Co-Op Marketing - SproutLoud

How it Works

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Replicate. Simplify. Save.

SproutLoud replicates and simplifies your existing Co-Op Claims and Reimbursement system within our comprehensive Channel Marketing Automation platform. This saves brands up to 50% on processing costs per claim.


Co-Op Advertising Automation and Flawless Execution

Within SproutLoud’s platform, brands and their partner networks can easily access automated local marketing programs, flawlessly executed by an integrated ecosystem of world-class Marketing Service Providers.

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Choose Claims or Co-Pay

Brands can give partners flexible spending options within the same platform, by allowing partners to choose between submitting claims or opting for co-pay — which immediately applies both the brand’s funds and the partner’s portion of the payment to cover the local marketing costs.

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Embedded Brand Compliance

Partners no longer have to wait for brand approvals because brand compliance is embedded in the SproutLoud platform, with dynamic templates, automated marketing programs and flawless campaign execution.

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More Partners Participate

By simplifying your publicity, improving the process, and eliminating the wait for approvals and reimbursement, brands can make the cost-saving advantage of Co-Op more attractive for partners.

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Improve Speed to Market

Brand-compliant messages get in market faster, when all aspects of local marketing, from start to finish, take place within SproutLoud’s platform.

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Show ROI

Replacing multiple incompatible systems with SproutLoud’s single comprehensive SaaS platform makes performance metrics accessible for every tactic, campaign and partner. With easy-to-navigate analytics dashboards, brands can make data-driven decisions and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

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