SproutLoud for Distributors

Smart distributors see the value in being the main hub their dealers, retailers and contractors need to access marketing programs and sales assets. SproutLoud makes it easy for distributors to utilize content and funds from multiple brands, simplifies upstream and downstream collaboration, allows dealers and multi-location retailers to independently build their own networks, and provides insight into performance at every level.

SproutLoud provides centralized access for brand control

Centralized access for brand control

SproutLoud enables proper account setup for complex distribution models by offering robust features like role-setting, advanced fund management tools, and multi-brand content use — making our platform the premier choice for distributors seeking centralized marketing access and multi-tier partner support.

Navigating local marketing

Navigating distributor-led marketing

SproutLoud provides dealers, retailers, installers, and contractors an effective and easy way to replicate national or global branding while finding the right balance for customization on local websites, microsites, landing pages, and digital marketing campaigns.

Unlock the key to unprecedented growth with SproutLoud

Unlock the key to growth

With SproutLoud, distributors can streamline marketing efforts and drive unprecedented growth across diverse reseller networks in target markets.

SproutLoud offers multi-location support for distributors and their reseller networks

Multi-Location Support

SproutLoud places a strong emphasis on vertical integration for distributors and their networks of dealers, retailers, installers, and contractors. Resellers who own multiple locations can specify content and funds to each location. Multiple workflows, including the support of funding pools, ensure you retain control over ad spend.

Two-tier and three-tier channels

Two-tier and three-tier channels

SproutLoud is the industry's sole purpose-built platform tailored for distributors that utilize two-tier and three-tier distribution channels. Dealers, retailers and contractors can also build their own downstream workflows to distribute content and funds to multiple locations.

Maximize sales and marketing

Focus on sales and marketing

By streamlining upstream and downstream workflows, SproutLoud makes it easy for distributors to maximize sales, marketing and funding capabilities through networks of dealers, retailers, independent resellers, and multi-locations. This holistic approach sets SproutLoud apart from the competition.

Go-to-Market Strategies Built for Distributors

Distributors need go-to-market strategies designed for complex networks of dealers, retailers, installers, contractors, and independent resellers. Brand-to-local strategies need to evolve as your business grows, with scalable solutions built to meet challenges that lie ahead.

SproutLoud offers scalable go-to-market strategies for distributors


Automated marketing campaigns built for digital marketing and traditional marketing simplify every aspect of brand-to-local — from custom websites, online listings, reputation management, email and social to direct mail, print-on-demand, e-commerce company stores, and event marketing.

Distributors that use complex networks of dealers, retailers, installers, contractors, and multiple locations need streamlined workflows that support multiple partners and enhance cross-functional collaboration at all levels.

From digital asset management to Ship-to-Your-Door service, SproutLoud makes it easy for your resellers to get the digital marketing assets and physical marketing collateral they need to reach target audiences at the right time and place to influence purchase decisions.

Accelerate Funds Management

Instantly maximize your advertising funds allocation to dealers, retailers, contractors, installers, independent resellers, and multiple locations, while enhancing visibility and control.