Brand-to-Local Infused with AI

Automating Workflows. Enhancing Productivity.
Unifying your go-to-market motions through channel partners and frontline stakeholders is complex and time consuming. That’s why SproutLoud is incorporating AI and data science to enhance productivity, efficiency and user experience.

Smart AI Technology that Scales Your
Brand-to-Local Go-to-Market Motions

SproutLoud is incorporating generative AI, advanced learning models and self-training data science into its platform to improve brand-to-local efforts that build better experiences for local customers. Infused with AI, SproutLoud expedites your speed to market, standardizes brand and regulatory compliance, and increases ROI on content and marketing spend.

Enhanced Workflows and User Experiences

SproutLoud’s commitment to user-centric solutions drives our teams to explore various applications of AI that truly add value. By adopting a deliberate intention to identify where AI can make processes and automation more efficient and effective, we have isolated some key initial areas. We are infusing the platform with generative AI to increase productivity of our brands and their partner networks, from content production and personalization to meta-data generation.

Enhanced Workflows and User Experiences

Using AI for Natural Language Search

At SproutLoud, we’re using AI to make it easier for our brand clients and their local stakeholders and channel partners to find and deploy marketing and sales assets, messaging, content, and campaigns. By simplifying content distribution and making assets easier to find through natural language search, even across different languages, SproutLoud is making marketing and sales easier for brands and their reseller networks.

Using AI for Natural Language Search

Brand Models to Enable On-Brand Experiences

Reduce training cycles and improve productivity through generative AI. Via the use of knowledge pods, SproutLoud is incorporating brand content, from sources that are both internal and external to our platform, to drive generative AI applications that are the most meaningful to brand-to-local co-marketing efforts. Generative AI uses brand information to better equip local users with the right content at the right time — ensuring on-brand and on-message consistency.

Brand Models to Enable On-Brand Experiences

Our Approach to AI is Fundamentally Different

AI is widely considered to be this generation’s industrial revolution. SproutLoud is embracing this tectonic shift, rooted in our core value of innovation and being the force of change. Here’s how our approach to AI is different.


Enabling Internal Teams to Improve Your Experience

AI isn't just a tool for external-facing solutions at SproutLoud. We're harnessing AI internally, to test tools and improve workflows to deliver a first-class customer experience when supporting our clients. We're optimizing processes and helping our team members focus on strategic work rather than repetitive tasks. Our goal is to empower our teams to drive value.


Privacy and Security

SproutLoud is committed to data privacy and security for our enterprise clients and their partner networks — especially when it comes to AI. We’re mindful of how data gets incorporated into our baseline AI technologies. We're deliberate in our approach to ensure the governance of AI and the protection of client data. SproutLoud is SOC 2 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA compliant. We continuously evaluate and invest in technologies that align with our commitment to security and privacy.


Collaboration and Ethical Considerations

At SproutLoud, we believe in collaborating with partners who share our values and vision for AI. Whether it's hosting our applications and leveraging solutions on Google Cloud or working with industry leaders, we're dedicated to staying at the forefront of AI advancements while adhering to ethical considerations. We prioritize eliminating bias and ensuring transparency in AI usage.

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