SproutLoud Meets the Needs of DISH Network’s Complex Retailer Network

SproutLoud Meets the Needs of DISH
Network’s Complex Retailer Network

“Our retailer network is very complex,” said Todd Jacobs, Marketing Manager for DISH Network. “We have thousands of retailers, and they all have their own ideas about what they need. Of course, we want to support them — their unique characteristics are part of the benefit of our retailer channel.”

DISH Network turned to SproutLoud as the solution for its Distributed Marketing challenges.

DISH’s retailer network was doing marketing at the local level, but DISH was finding it difficult to understand how that local marketing was performing, said Kristen Krissel, Senior Manager of Client Services at SproutLoud. “Co-Op Advertising funding was definitely one of the priority items that we identified during the Discovery process with DISH,” Krissel noted.

DISH found a trusted partner in SproutLoud, with one platform designed to meet the needs of the 2,500+ retailers in its channel network. 

“That was one of the things that we were really looking for in a vendor: the ability to bring everything together and streamline it for our retailers,” said Jacobs. “We found a trusted intermediary. With SproutLoud, we could immediately payout of DISH funds, and the retailer would only have to pay their percentage out of pocket, so the retailers’ cash flow would be immediately better. That’s much easier for the retailers.”

With SproutLoud, DISH now has one Distributed Marketing system that supports every channel marketing need for their retailers: digital marketing, traditional marketing and local media buys, Co-Op Advertising funds management, an instant co-pay system called SproutPay, and robust marketing analytics. 

“Valuable data as to how marketing tactics or campaigns performed was brought back into the solution. And because Co-Op Marketing and MDF originate out of our same platform, DISH can tie money, response, and in-market dates together to calculate return on investment (ROI) of their marketing dollars,” Krissel said. 

Understanding how marketing performs through an indirect sales channel like DISH’s retailers can be really difficult — without the right Distributed Marketing platform. 

“SproutLoud helped DISH finally close that black hole while making sure retailer marketing preserves DISH’s brand standards in local markets,” said Krissel.

Some of the other benefits that we were looking for with SproutLoud was bringing in those cost efficiencies,” Jacobs added.

SproutLoud has many different ways for brands like DISH to load one item on the site but scale the versioning of the item, including fulfillment, through thousands of locations.

“SproutLoud’s media buying team is fantastic,” Jacobs said.  “They’re really able to go to any vendor that our retailers want to go to.”

“Sproutloud has always been a great partner, meeting the needs of DISH,” Jacobs continued. “It’s almost like every year it was a new platform. That’s how fast it is developing. Working with SproutLoud — the people are great. Their ideas are top-notch, and they’re always looking forward, always on top.”

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