Funds Management feature within comprehensive SaaS marketing platform

Funds Management

Giving brands more accountability on marketing spend

Brands pour billions into Co-Op Advertising, MDF or other funding options every year, with minimal to no understanding of how that money performs.

Co-op funds management

Funds Management gives brands a comprehensive solution that:
● tracks the funding options offered to their partner networks
● provides visibility on the results of their marketing spend
● offers cost-saving solutions
● includes change management features to mitigate any risk or disruption to their networks


SproutLoud’s cost-saving claims management system:

SproutLoud provides a cost-saving claims management system. By replicating and simplifying the brand’s existing Co-Op Marketing claims and reimbursement system within our Distributed Marketing Platform, SproutLoud saves brands up to 50% on claims processing costs.

Partners select marketing campaigns, tactics or programs that offer Co-Op Marketing, MDF or other funds, then they use SproutLoud’s brand-compliant customization options.

With SproutLoud’s easy-to-navigate marketing analytics dashboards, brands can determine ROI on local marketing campaigns and measure partner engagement on the platform.

SproutPay Instant Funding

An intuitive co-pay system that makes participating in brand-subsidized local advertising as easy as online shopping:

SproutPay allows brands to attach a percentage or preset amount of Co-Op Marketing, MDF or other funds to specific marketing campaigns, tactics or programs.

When partners select those tactics or programs, brand funds are applied immediately at checkout.

Partners only pay their portion of local marketing costs.

Partners use SproutLoud’s platform to select marketing tactics and programs, customize assets with Ad Builder and Digital Asset Management, execute local marketing with our integrated ecosystem of Marketing Service Integrations, and access dashboards for performance metrics and Marketing Analytics.

When every aspect of local marketing, from start to finish, occurs within the SproutLoud platform, partners can get brand messages in market faster.

Hybrid: SproutClaims + SproutPay

SproutLoud’s advanced change management features make Co-Op Advertising funds management easy for brands, by allowing the implementation of both SproutClaims and SproutPay within the same partner network.

Brands may select a preferred group, region, tier or class of partners to begin implementing SproutPay Instant Funding. It could be used as an incentive or reward for high-performing partners.

Within SproutLoud’s platform, only partners designated by the brand have access to SproutPay.

The rest of the brand’s network would seamlessly continue claims processing with SproutClaims.

As quickly or gradually as the brand prefers, more partners can be migrated to SproutPay, based on criteria pre-determined by the brand.

Benefits of sproutClaims and SproutPay Instant Funding

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