Intelligent Templates

Co-create ads and assets with your distributed users in local markets

Brands depend on their partners to get brand-compliant ads in local markets to drive sales. For partners, this can mean agency fees for ad customization, vendor management, brand guidelines and obtaining approvals. And that’s a complicated, frustrating process which can lead to delays and costly mistakes. With SproutLoud’s intelligent templates, brands and local users can co-create brand-compliant local ads, marketing assets, emails, brochures and marketing materials of any type.

SproutLoud App Intelligent Templates Feature

Intelligent Templates for
Customized Local Experiences

Customized Experiences

Brands can create their own customized experiences for local users using intelligent templates.

Advanced Templates

These templates have advanced capabilities, including ad flexing technology and data-driven customization options.

Brand Compliance

The templates are pre-configured, ensuring consistency and brand compliance.

Intuitive Templates

Fewer clicks and more intuitive templates simplify workflow.

Let SproutLoud handle
the heavy lifting

Templates and Ad Builder

Smart Brand Templates

Transform brand marketing assets into easily customizable brand-compliant dynamic templates.

Advanced customization widgets allow brands to build their own builder implementation that connects directly to an external digital asset management system, or any other system required.

Customization options can be pre-populated with partners, local store name, address, phone number, store hours, product photos, and social media contact information.

Ad Flexing Technology

Ad flexing technology and custom ad modules make it fast and easy to change ad sizes and customize content without sacrificing design integrity or aspect ratio.

Partners save time on vendor management and save money on agency fees, when customized brand-compliant local ads are routed to our world-class network of Marketing Service Integrations.

Partners can quickly get cost-efficient, brand-compliant messages in local markets, so they have more time to spend on closing sales.

Ad Technology, Integrations, and Efficiency

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