One-stop shop for campaign execution

To be successful, Partners need to execute multi-tactic traditional and digital campaigns.
But 57% of Partners don’t participate in Co-Op campaigns because they are too difficult.

An easy-to-use portal, pre-configured by the Brand,
designed to simplify campaign execution with built-in
Digital Asset Management, Ad Builder technology and
integrated, best-in-class marketing vendors.

Partner Portal

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How Partner Portal Works



Brands love Partner Portal because it delivers:

  • Customized experience: Brands define the Partner experience, designating which Partners — by class or geographic location — have access to certain campaigns.
  • Partners are more focused on sales: When Partners save time on marketing, they spend more time cultivating relationships with customers and closing sales.
  • A simple, elegant all-in-one solution: It’s a one-stop shop for Partners to get everything they need for Brand-compliant ad execution.



Partners enjoy the results they see:

  • Automated Ad Builder: Customizing tactics and campaigns is easy when the Partner’s address, logo and lists are pre-loaded onto the Platform.
  • Simplified execution: Streamlined workflow ensures that Partners make selections from pre-approved, Brand-compliant tactics and campaigns.
  • No vendor management: With 75+ best-in-class marketing vendors integrated into the Platform, SproutLoud does the heavy lifting for Partners and Brands to ensure quality results.


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