Digital Asset Management, a Key Component of Marketing Resource Management


When it comes to promoting your brand, engagement from your network plays a big part in localizing brand reach.  Both digital and print assets are more complex than ever with respect to personalization and localization.  We have all seen brands attempt to fake personalization and or generalize local messaging – it’s ugly.  Providing network members with the right tools shows buy-in on the part of the brand and allows partners to genuinely segment, personalize, and localize marketing assets – within brand provided limits of course.  That’s what my team and I do.  We specialize in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) function of our Marketing Resource Management solution.  DAM is only one portion of an MRM solution, but an integral part as the marketing assets that are versioned there move through both on and offline channels to reach customers and support them in the buyer’s cycle.

Use What You Have

I can’t tell you how many brands have great assets that go unused and or unmeasured because the brand does not have a marketing resource management solution with DAM capabilities.  An easy way to get started is to help network members better utilize the assets your brand is already producing.  Your digital asset management should have several different types of online template modules that will preserve the look and integrity of your brand while providing your network with an easy to use solution. Online templating allows your network to create high impact, professional quality print materials in a few easy clicks. Templates can be as simple or complex as needed, with most of them allowing the end user to add their own contact information, logo(s), and other local customization.

Preserve Brand Image, it’s More Important Than You Think

I think Gleanster Research said it best, “Dynamic template capabilities in distributed marketing platforms allow local marketers to customize corporate branded templates (and campaigns) by changing pre-configured copy and creative with a central campaign portal (owned and managed by corporate marketing).  This helps local marketers rapidly create highly personalized campaigns and eliminates the need to pay for unique creative that ends up getting stored on local servers or hard drives.”

Our design team makes all that possible for local marketers, we preflight and prepare all templates prior to launching them. We take great care and pride in ensuring your brand standards are met and your client’s finished products are of the highest quality. The power of tools such as these is potentially enormous.  Don’t forget that Gartner estimates a 15% savings on creative production with marketing automation!

The more engagement you get from your network, the greater the impact it can have on your bottom line.


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