Reduce Costs

SproutLoud’s platform provides Channel Marketing solutions to create, fund and distribute campaigns with no seat licence fees and reduced IT support costs.

Streamlined Customization

SproutLoud Studio allows Brands to distribute Brand-compliant campaigns to Partners in dynamic templates that allow for pre-configured local customization. This reduces the administrative workload associated with approving Partners’ marketing assets.

Eliminate Vendor Management

SproutLoud’s platform comes pre-integrated with 75+ best-in-class Marketing Service Providers (MSPs). This streamlines the fulfillment of virtually every type of local marketing tactic. It also reduces the costs associated with vendor management and allows Brands to focus more of their headcount and dollars on reaching customers.

Eliminate Fraud

SproutPay Instant Funding allows Partners to access the Brand’s funds instantly by executing campaign tactics through the SproutLoud platform. Because funds are only accessible through Brand-compliant tactics, Marketing can focus on campaign development instead of fraud prevention and administrative approval queues.

Leverage Partner Participation

Because Partners are not required to pay for the full cost of campaign tactics while awaiting reimbursement, they have more funds available for launching additional campaigns.

With simple execution and instant funding, Partners participate in more campaigns which increases the total dollars focused on Brand marketing.

Measure Your Success

SproutLoud Analytics gives Brands and Partners in-depth performance metrics associated with every campaign executed. This insight allows Brands and their Partners to steer investments toward campaigns that are delivering the highest leads and sales.

Because all tactics are centralized on the SproutLoud platform, Brands can analyze a single tactic across all their Partners. This capability allows Brands to compare traditional tactics to digital tactics and also A/B test which messages are driving the best response from customers.

SproutLoud allows Chief Marketing Officers to simplify campaign execution, reduce OpEx and increase the impact of every dollar they spend.