Reduce Costs and Eliminate Fraud

Sproutloud’s SaaS Marketing Platform reduces costs for software licenses, technical integration and IT support.

By using dynamic templates and pre-selected tactics, Sproutloud reduces the cost associated with planning, funding and distributing campaigns. Partners can easily customize Brand assets, reducing the time and headcount needed for marketing.

Because all tactics and assets on SproutLoud’s platform are brand compliant, Partners only execute campaigns aligned with the Brand’s marketing strategy. This reduces waste and ensures maximum impact.

Because Partners only receive funding through SproutLoud’s platform, there is no opportunity for fraud or subpar execution.

Leverage Partner Participation

With SproutPay Instant Funding, Partner’s receive Brand funds as soon as they execute the campaign tactic by applying their portion of the Co-Operative advertising budget. This encourages Partner participation, which increases the total dollars dedicated to Brand campaigns.

With SproutPay, there are no pre-approvals or reimbursement claims. This allows the Brand to take the money that would’ve been paid to claims processors and reinvest those funds back into customer-facing campaigns.

SproutPay also ensures that Partners don’t pay the full amount for Brand marketing campaigns up front, and it eliminates the need to wait for reimbursement since Brand and Partner funds are applied instantly. This means Partners have more disposable marketing budget to invest in additional campaigns.

Measure Your Success

SproutLoud Analytics gives Brands in-depth performance metrics on every dollar invested into Channel Marketing. This allows marketing and finance to get a crystal clear picture of how their Channel Marketing budget is performing and make better investment decisions going forward.

With reduced IT costs, lower OpEx and no fraud or waste, SproutLoud makes Channel Marketing the most efficient use of Brand marketing funds.