Why You Should Invest in Brand Management Software

Imagine you are the CMO of a restaurant franchise. You are walking through your neighborhood when you pass by one of your restaurants. You see a sign for an upcoming promotion, and it has all of the right information: the menu item, price, and offer details.

The problem? This sign contains not one creative element of your brand. The logo is different, the colors are too dark, and the font looks nothing like what should be printed on your marketing collateral. How can you stop this from happening again?

The solution is brand management software. If you have a large network of channel marketing partners, it can be difficult and time-consuming to keep such a close eye on all of their collateral to ensure they uphold brand standards. Brand management software takes that burden off your shoulders by giving you full control over what marketing materials your local partners can use. With this invaluable resource, you can give your partners the tools they need to reach their customers – all while maintaining brand compliance.

But is that all this software should do? Here are three additional features to look for in your new software.

  1. Customization

The software should enable local partners to customize marketing assets with their business information. This is critical. Customers need to know exactly where to find your products. By customizing assets, your partners will build both your brand awareness and your local customer base. Moreover, you have the final say in what can and cannot be customized, which allows you to leave your brand elements intact.

  1. Integration

We live in a multichannel world with thousands of messages being sent every day. Consumers can easily forget your brand’s story. This underscores the importance of integrated marketing – that is, conveying the same message across all your marketing efforts. The software you choose should provide partners with a wide variety of collateral that complement each other well.  The best software will even allow you to set up automated programs that integrate tactics from different channels to reach customers in a dynamic way. Your local partners can simply enroll in the program and let the software do the rest!

  1. Flexibility

As your business grows, you will need more local partners or marketing tactics to attract new customers. The software you choose must be flexible enough to grow along with you. This means that it should provide an easy way not only for new partners to access materials, but also for you to add new marketing features and services to offer your partners just in time to keep up with demand.

An investment in brand management software is a wise one. It will provide a way for you to balance the needs of your brand with those of your channel marketing partners. More importantly, it will present consumers with a unified brand message – a message that will be sure to create loyal customers for a lifetime.


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