How Marketing Resource Management Simplifies Execution Across Digital Tactics

Channel Marketing insiders know that brand marketing success at the local level requires an effective and easy-to-use Marketing Resource Management system.

Consider what this means for a typical small business owner within a brand’s partner network:

  • Choose tactics
  • Build ads
  • Select, monitor and manage vendors
  • Seek Brand approvals
  • Submit for Co-Op reimbursement where applicable to defray costs
  • Submit proof of performance for brand review
  • And wait, often weeks, for approvals, denials, and reimbursement

That process takes on a whole new dimension of complexity when it comes to digital. In Digital Marketing, where timely responses are measured in minutes not days, staying on top of Social Media, Reputation Management, Directory Listings and Paid Search results can be time-consuming and labor-intensive – if you don’t have the right tools and solutions in place.

Channel Partners still using traditional Channel Marketing and manual methods are feeling the pressure. Too often, they opt not to participate when the process becomes difficult. When partners don’t participate in brand marketing, it limits your brand’s reach in local markets. But brands can change this. Savvy brands are empowering their partners with better solutions. When brands make Channel Marketing easy, partner participation increases — and that benefits both brands and their partners.

Take the Pressure Off Your Partners

With a SaaS-based Marketing Resource Management platform, brands can take the pressure off their partners. The key is choosing an easy-to-navigate platform with an integrated Marketing Service Provider network that offers high-quality execution and proven results. This requires a SaaS platform that already has a local marketing fulfillment system in place to handle vetting, selecting, managing and monitoring vendors on a daily basis, so your partners don’t have to. That’s essential if you want to ensure consistently high-quality and brand-compliant local marketing.

True efficiency comes with Local Marketing Automation that allows your partners to select and subscribe to a campaign that runs automatically over a predetermined time period, whether it’s days, weeks or months. The ability to choose “Do-It-For-Me” and “Set-It-and-Forget-It” options is particularly effective for Digital tactics, including Directory Listings Management, Reputation Management, and Social Media posts — all of which can be automatically executed without day-to-day involvement from your partners.

Modern Channel Marketing 

It’s time to face the facts: Channel Marketing has changed more in the past five years than in its first 100 years. Modern Channel Marketing embodies that transformation and embraces leading-edge innovations in marketing technology. Today, top Channel Marketing Automation platforms include Marketing Resource Management, Dynamic Asset Management and Ad Builder technology, but also offer so much more:

  • Dynamic templates eliminate the need for brand guidelines because they are pre-set to meet brand standards and make customization easy for partners.
  • Integrating top vendors in a Marketing Service Provider network removes failure points, such as the opportunity for fraud and sub-par results.
  • Today, savvy brands are opting for an evolved Co-Op process that’s fully automated and includes innovative solutions, such as instant co-pay options.
  • And along with innovation and automation, top platforms also deliver above-and-beyond customer support for brands and their partners every step of the way.

Whether your brand is leading the pack or trying to topple competitors, you can’t take it to the next level with century-old tools. Today’s competitive Channel Marketing landscape demands solutions that have already accounted for tomorrow’s challenges. Now is the time for an upgrade.

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