Three Ways that Call Tracking Reporting Impacts Your Marketing

In today’s data-driven world, numbers play a big role in marketing decisions. One way to collect those numbers is to offer call tracking to your channel partners. It is a simple way to see what is working and what is not. As a brand marketer, you provide marketing tactics for your partners to promote your product or service at the local level. How do you know which ones work best? Which audience is reacting to which marketing tactic? Call tracking can quickly figure all of this out for you.

Call tracking phone numbers can be placed on different marketing tactics and generate much-needed information: how many calls came in, the length of those calls, and what was said during the calls. Call tracking is a clear and easy way to see the degree of success of a marketing campaign, giving you the ability to make decisions to continue, enhance, change or stop your current efforts.

What do call tracking reports help you do?

1.  See the sources of your leads.

Asking customers “What made you think of us?” isn’t always reliable, especially if they’ve seen your marketing messages more than once. If they don’t know how to answer that question, then it seems like your marketing isn’t working, and that may not be the case. Since call tracking numbers are directly tied to one marketing tactic at a time, your reporting will show you exactly where customers saw your information and what motivated them to call.

2. Analyze call activity.

Call tracking reporting shows how many calls each marketing campaign generates, as well as the length of the calls. In some cases, you may be able to listen to these calls. You can see the types of calls that took place, when they occurred, and whether they resulted in sales or missed opportunities.

3. Define your marketing campaign structure on a local level.

With the information gathered in the reports, you can see how your customers react to different tactics and determine if your marketing strategy needs to shift. If your campaign’s online banners aren’t generating as many calls as you hoped, you may choose to change the creative message and see if that increases call activity. You can take it further and see what is happening on a local level, which provides insight to your partners to see what is or isn’t working for them. If you see that a particular asset isn’t generating many calls, it could also be because it isn’t popular with your partners, so you may choose to reevaluate that asset to make it more enticing.

With all of the marketing tactics that you offer your partners, you need an easy way to see how receptive your local markets are to these efforts. By providing a local marketing platform that easily allows your partners to enhance co-branded marketing tactics with a call tracking number, you and your partners will reap big benefits for your overall marketing strategy.

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