The Power of Local Search


It didn’t dawn on me how powerful local search can be until I experienced it firsthand last Sunday night in my quest for a Chinese restaurant. Now if you asked me what “organic search” means, I would probably say it depends whether you’re looking for a fruit or vegetable. I work in Customer Service and feel perfectly safe to leave the heavy jargon, online strategy, and technical know-how to other departments at SproutLoud.

Today I write from a consumer standpoint- a consumer that was amazed by the experience and success of online search due to my Sunday night craving for a great, local, Chinese restaurant.

All it took was six words in the Google search bar: “best Chinese restaurant downtown Fort Lauderdale “and half a second later I was presented with a plethora of options. My eye went to the top of the page and then down until I found the first link that displayed a Chinese Restaurant’s name and address. I clicked on it.

Fifteen minutes later I was slurping hot and sour soup and chomping on pan-friend pork dumplings. I turned to my girlfriend who was diving into her fried rice and said, “This is amazing! Local search is a no-brainer marketing tactic and it’s so powerful because it works! I don’t know how else we would have known about this place in such a short amount of time.”

If you have a product you want to sell, and aspire to have concentrated and comprehensive marketing efforts, start with online search. Make sure your services are visible in the world of local online search. It’s the fastest, most powerful, wide-reaching marketing tool companies have.

Take it from the girl in Customer Service who found her new favorite local Chinese restaurant in 15 minutes using six words and a search engine. I have been back twice since. Dumplings anyone?


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