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You’re creating marketing emails that are engaging and properly formatted, and you’ve settled on a schedule to maximize readership. Great. Now what? What’s the next step in making your emails even more effective?

It’s time to track and customize. Ok. That’s two steps. But they’re so intertwined that doing either one without the other is just wasting your time. If you’re tracking your emails, you can and should separate the contacts in your database based on who has opened your emails, clicked through to your website, and made purchases. Emails can then be crafted for specifically targeted recipients. Tag anyone who opened an email but took no further action to automatically receive additional emails on products or services to spur interest, as well as special offers or discounts which may entice them to click through to your website for more info. But if they’re not clicking through, don’t just send them emails about what you think they want to read. Ask them.

Include a drop-down menu in your follow up emails that ask the reader what kind of information they’d be interested in receiving. You can now send emails with information they’ve requested and are more likely to click through to learn more about. By tracking which links a customer has clicked in your email, further marketing efforts can be directed toward the specific products or services that the potential customer is interested in.

Follow up emails can be sent providing additional information in the form of a newsletter, a tip sheet or a usage guide that might interest the customer. Utilizing tracking and customization to send potential customers only information for which they have expressed interest makes your emails more accurate, more engaging and, ultimately, more beneficial to your business. Your time and money can be spent creating informative and interesting emails that entice readers into learning more about your products or services.

If you’re unsure about how to kick things off, look for an email service with tracking and list management capabilities, and a content management system that can accommodate modular or fully-customizable email distribution.


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