Looking for a Way to Localize Your Brand Advertising Online?

Here’s a statistic you probably hadn’t thought about before: when online, consumers spend more than 96% of their time viewing content.  Most content sites serve up ads, so thats a lot of opportunity for your brand to reach potential customers by creating online ads.  But have you thought about making it even more relevant by taking it to the local level? Here’s how!

What is Dynamic Local Display?

Dynamic Local Display uses brand-created display banner ads that can be customized with the contact information of a local business that sells that product or service. The end result is a truly collaborative ad — the brand’s marketing message, coupled with the local information for a consumer to take immediate action.

These ads are served across multiple ad networks with millions of websites and with precise geographic targeting to match the designated city or ZIP code. They feature local contact information like addresses, phone numbers and calls to action (CTA) that is proven to perform better because the brand’s ad content is localized, making it much more relevant for consumers.

What are the Benefits of using Dynamic Local Display?

  1. Brands can efficiently create and approve banner ads in a multitude of ad formats and sizes for channel partners across multiple devices
  2. Local partners can participate at low buy-in ad rates
  3. Brands can offer the ability to provide Co-Op and Marketing Development Funds to channel partners for local display campaigns

You should also determine if localization of display ads will add a useful dimension to your digital marketing. If your brand only has a few locations, this option may not be a good fit, but if locations are numerous and spread across a wide geographic area, localization can greatly increase conversion rates. If you are a client of SproutLoud, our local marketing platform makes it easy to implement a Dynamic Local Display campaign across your local partners.


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