Local Marketing Software – Use It For the Competitive Edge

So you’ve decided to take the leap and invest in a Local Marketing Software to help boost your marketing efforts at the local level. Congratulations! Let us assure you, you have made the right choice. How will this help you get an edge on your competitors? So glad you asked.

  1. Less Time + More Control = Happy Local Marketers

One of the biggest benefits of investing in a Local Marketing Software is the time you will be giving back to the channels through which you distribute as you are making it nearly effortless and easy for them to participate in marketing initiatives without having to put in their valuable business hours to get great results. Not to mention, as a network sponsor, you can sleep well at night knowing your local partners are using brand-controlled assets to promote your brands voice well. Sounds pretty great, right? There will be more on this later. But, the equation of less time from your local partners, plus controlling what goes out with your brands name on it, equals very happy local marketers – excited to promote your brand’s voice, loud & proud!

  1. Brand Controlled + Brand Approved

It is often the case that local marketers find it difficult to access brand compliant marketing collateral from their Networks, making it increasingly hard for them to appropriately promote their local business. Using a Local Marketing Software makes providing these assets to your local partners that much easier, while maintaining control of what’s most important to you – the core of your brand. Local marketers can customize assets with their local business information, as you allow for it, making it a win-win situation for all.

  1. Automation

As mentioned earlier, a pain point of some of your local marketers might be the time they think they need to invest to reap the benefits of marketing tactics. Investing in a local marketing software with automated marketing programs is a great way to eliminate this common problem. At SproutLoud, we like to think of automated marketing programs as “set it and forget it” campaigns through which enrollment takes place just one time, and touchpoints are sent out on the local marketer’s behalf. As a brand level marketer, you set the rules, choose your touchpoints, and let us help you roll it out!

  1. Reporting

A large part of participating in any marketing initiative is being able to measure your efforts to see the impact they have on your business as a whole. Basically, what is the return you’re actually getting on your marketing efforts? Any decent local marketing software should take reporting seriously and provide you the tools to accurately analyze your efforts. Whether you have pushed a Direct Mail, Email Marketing or Paid Search campaign, reporting is there to provide a wide view of your results.  With this information you can measure success on the brand or local level. Marketing is not a “one size fits all” kind of deal, and we know that first hand. The ability to accurately analyze your efforts to ensure they are providing the results you need might just be the most valuable thing a local marketing software can provide to your business.


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