How to Enhance Your Trade Show Exhibit with Social Media

You’ve completed your research and found the best fit for an event for your company to show its true colors and stand confidently in what you do. It’s a great opportunity for networking and reaching out to potential clients or influential people in your industry. Pat yourself on the back. Now what?

In addition to prepping and collecting your marketing collateral, it is important these days to incorporate social networking into your game plan. You will need to be ready before, during, and after the exposition.

Pre-Exposition: Reach out, connect on all social networks, and initiate the conversation.

  • Facebook: Comment and interact with the exposition’s event page. Connect with others who are attending the event and liking its page.
  • Twitter: Follow the expo and mention it via #hashtag to provide a presence. Find other potential connections through their followers, and scoop out your competition.
  • Blog: Let your voice be heard. Be pro-active in writing relevant content building up to the event.
  • Foursquare: Prepare to create a location for your specific booth – make sure you will have Internet connection so they can check-in.
  • Pinterest: Establish boards that portray your company’s interests, values, and work. Design your booth so it’s pin-able.

Expo Time: Make an impact that will last, and stand out from all other exhibitors by really creating an honest connection that can turn into a long-term relationship.

  • Facebook: Find and like the companies you meet. Post on your facebook, “Just had a great conversation with @person at @expo about…”, etc.
  • Twitter: Follow and mention via #hashtag the people you met. Don’t forget to thank them! Promote your company’s #hashtag with a contest such as “The first 30 people who mention us receive our latest white paper for free”.
  • Blog: Update your blog followers mid-way through the event to let them know how impressive the show is, what you’re learning, and any great reactions.
  • Tumblr/Flickr/Instagram: Take photos and keep your followers updated visually – don’t forget to save some for afterward!
  • Other Social: Create videos for YouTube, update Google+ and add businesses to your circles, promote your LinkedIn, and utilize QR codes to promote new landing pages or download a free resource.

Post Expo: Don’t forget to captivate those you met!

  • Blog: Recap the event by sharing any media that you didn’t share throughout the event. This is also a great time to introduce any new products or white papers.
  • Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn: Make contact with everyone. Gauge your influence and impact made based on increase in connections made.

You spent a lot of effort and, likely, money into this event so make the most out of it. Assess your social networks – make sure all questions are answered and that there is follow up. Most importantly, use the event to gain social media followers and potential customers.


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