How the +1 Button Benefits Your Business


Understanding the Power of +1

When it comes to figuring out ways to improve your website’s SEO, the Google +1 button can have a powerful impact on your business. Google users click this button to indicate that they are recommending a page, site or specific content. More importantly, this action shows to those in their Circles (or friend groups) this stamp of approval. But that’s just the beginning. Now for anyone linked to that user, when searching relevant terms to the content that was +1’d, the friend’s name is displayed and the +1 button is illuminated underneath the search result. This adds more value to the search result because it is personalized. People are more likely to select a source that their friends, family, or coworkers recommend.

Google created the +1 button to add value to search results and integrate Google’s platforms. Users can +1 your business page, articles in your blog, different products, YouTube videos about your business, and even your advertisements. The +1 button has an important, yet indirect effect on a business page’s search rankings because it triggers a chain of events that can’t necessarily be directly attributed. For example, Susan, an avid traveler with a Google account, +1’s Andrew’s blog post about a new cruise line’s destinations and services. Then, Susan’s coworker Jeffrey was searching for “Cruise Vacations” for his upcoming vacation. Jeffrey also has a Google account which, when signed in, provides personalized results called “Search Plus Your World”. This Google platform automatically provides Jeffrey with more personal search results and yielded Susan’s +1’d blog post in his search results. This content is more relevant to Jeffrey than a stranger’s opinion or no opinion at all. As a result, Jeffrey reached out to Andrew about this new cruise line and how he can book a 7-day cruise. This indirect effect is also true even if you don’t have an account. Google still shows how many +1’s a result has under the description. This provides additional validation that it is a believable source.

How does this relate to your website’s SEO?

Back to the example, since Susan +1’d Andrew’s blog post, the link has a greater chance of a higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and therefore a greater potential that it is shared through other social media networks. There is also a positive correlation between the number of shares on Facebook, re-tweets on Twitter, and the link’s search ranking — the more Andrew’s intriguing blog post is passed around, the higher the search ranking of that link. The Google +1 button initiates a social trail that can definitely have a positive impact on your business and online reputation.


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