Simplify Direct Marketing with Customer List Integration

Simplify Direct Marketing with Customer List Integration

Running a business is hard enough. Maintaining your customer list on a daily basis to ensure your customers receive time sensitive communications shouldn’t be.

With SproutLoud’s advanced list management tools, Brands can integrate and modify customer records assigned to your business in real-time which means you and your staff no longer have to spend another day wrangling customer data just to get a birthday offer out. As long as your Brand supports a centralized CRM or POS system for your network, SproutLoud advanced list integration is possible.

Benefits of SproutLoud Advanced List Management Tools:

  • Most-up-to-date customer data lives in your SproutLoud account – When customers visit your store and a sale occurs, their information is recorded and maintained at point of sale. With SproutLoud list integration, those attributes can be synced with the customer record that resides in your SproutLoud account so that the most up to date information about that customer, including purchase history, buying behaviors, and special dates are at your fingertips when creating time sensitive marketing communications.
  • Advanced segmentation and list filtering options – Depending on the data points passed to SproutLoud for your customers such as birthdays, anniversaries, purchase history and more, you can leverage these data points in SproutLoud to appropriately segment and target customers in your upcoming email or direct mail communications. Want to send a birthday email to all October birthdays? Want to send a thank you offer to all customers who’ve spent $100 dollars or more in your store that month? All you need to do is select the template you want to deploy and filter your list to segment your customers based on set attributes to add them to your campaign.
  • Marketing Automation is possible – Ever dream about the day when you can set up a marketing campaign and it runs automatically on your behalf and the only thing your staff needs to do is scan the redemptions coming in? We got you covered here with SproutLoud’s data triggered programs. As soon as the customer data point matches the rule you have setup within your triggered program, an email or direct mail touchpoint is automatically sent to that customer without you ever needing to login. Running a birthing campaign has never made a small business owner so happy.
  • Reporting on what marketing communications your customers received – Order history data available in your contact history provides insight into which marketing communications your customers received. This allows you to better understand what offers your customers respond to or promos they are eligible for. In addition, you can attribute sales and increase of in-store spend to the corresponding marketing activity that targeted your customer all with a just a few clicks.

Talk to your Brand today about how your customers for direct marketing can be integrated with SproutLoud list manager. In doing so, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the great features to simplify campaign execution, deploy best-in-class campaigns and programs, and achieve better insights.



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