Why Multi-Touch Marketing is Mandatory for Successful Campaigns

Why Multi-Touch Marketing is Mandatory for Successful Campaigns

As a business owner, you are always looking to find the best marketing strategy that will render results with return on investment. With multi-touch marketing you are covering your bases and reaching out to your target consumers across different mediums.

Consumers are constantly being exposed to all types of traditional and digital marketing.  While traditional media is still being utilized, many business owners are becoming increasingly more aware of digital outlets. Many marketers are opting out of solely using traditional media, like newspaper, radio, print and TV ads, and instead bundling traditional advertising with a combination of digital ads like Facebook ads to reach a broader audience.

Over the last year, there has been a 20% increase in marketers choosing to opt into both digital and non-digital ads. Here are a few different reasons why there has been a spike in multi-touch marketing:

Guaranteed increase in your campaign’s ROI

When you play a team sport it takes multi players at different positions to beat your competitor and get you the points you need to win. By leveraging the efforts of multiple players you’re increasing your chances of scoring a goal (or closing a sale). Any attempt at rolling out a multi-touch campaign via multiple outlets is going to increase your reach to potential customers and spread your message further, which ultimately increases your chance of success.

Consumers need choices

Messaging can be deployed and interpreted in multiple ways depending on the end-user. As a good marketing strategy, you’ll need to provide the same content in multiple ways if you want to engage with different types of audiences based on their behavior. For example: a working parent of two may not be inclined to pick up a newspaper or read a detailed ad. However, if similar content were provided via digital media, they may be more inclined to view, and read the information.

Build awareness

Building awareness is necessary so that once a buyer is ready to make a purchase, your product and business will be top of mind. If a consumer sees a billboard ad on the highway that they’ve seen before on social media, those multiple views of the same ad by the same person is an example of how to build awareness about your business and your product among potential customers. The more times you can get your message in front of the same consumer, the more likely they are to remember your business.

A well-rounded strategy for implementing multi-touch campaigns, includes a combination of traditional advertising and digital media, which can be anything from TV ads, print or outdoor media to banner display ads, social media ads or pay-per-click (or paid search) campaigns. The rule of thumb is to present your campaign in two or more different ad spaces other than your website.

To determine and prioritize the best outlets, it is important to first know your target audience. From there, you can narrow down the outlets that best target those consumers demographics and then allocate dollars to each accordingly. All campaigns and mediums selected should include multiple touch points with consistent creative across each tactics to be able to reach consumers and build brand awareness. Maintaining uniform messaging for all tactics over an extended period of time increases the likelihood of converting awareness to actual sales.






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