Google Ups Their Game with Interactive Olympic Doodles


Full disclosure, I admit to spending company time playing the Google Olympic Doodles this week. But I bet I’m not the only one!

The Google Doodle is one of the most iconic and well-loved features from the search giant, often featuring noteworthy achievements of present and past. By far, the most popular are the interactive ones, like the Les Paul Guitar, PacMan or the Alan Turing Interactive puzzle.

Since the opening of the games, Google has featured a daily static tribute to The Olympics, but on Tuesday we saw the first interactive doodle, “Hurdles”, followed by “Basketball” , “Slalom Canoe” and today’s “Soccer”.

Google has yet to release any hard data on user activity for these doodles, but they have reported that they are “thrilled” with the results and also report a high number of people sharing their scores via Google+.

And that’s why they invest in the doodles in the first place, to create that sticky experience for users that keeps them coming back and compels them to share the experience. It’s straight-up gamification.

While some gaming companies have suffered some hard hits lately, the appetite for gaming remains strong with users.

So if you are considering new ideas to increase your online and social media interactions with customers, take some inspiration from Google and start doodling!


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