Don’t Let the Noise Drown Out Your Customer Retention Efforts

SearchEngineLand recently published an article (click here) referencing a survey noting marketers indicate SEO continues to out perform PPC and Social Media Marketing. In the same survey, most marketers indicated they plan on increasing their budgets for Social Media. If you plan to follow in a similar path,  it is important not lose sight of your current customer base.

Retention based marketing matters now more than ever. With all the “noise” that continues to pound away at your current customer base, you should be putting in equal, if not more efforts on making them even stronger customers.

There are little things you can do that show your loyal customers that you still want their business, and that you will always be there as a valued provider to them. Whether you are selling services or merchandise, think of things that you can do to make your existing customer remember you when it comes time for their next purchase. As a loyal consumer to those that bring me value, I will always pay a little more to get the service and the familiar face that I trust.

Some of the things we recommend to our small business owner clients are the following:

Thank You cards for recognizing their spend with you Birthday cards for them to know they are top of mind and you are giving them a special offer for their special day, Educational Newsletters, Periodic Product or Service updates

These tactics take little effort, and in most cases you can ask your suppliers to assist you in the creation of this marketing collateral or message, and many of them will even defray the cost by sponsoring all or part in the co-op money they already have available for you. All you have to do in most cases is just ask.

Remember – it is not just about finding new customers, but most importantly, keeping the ones you have very happy and continuing to come back to you.


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