3 Tips to Increase Network Engagement

It is not surprising that at times large brands might not consider the gap that lies between their corporate-level goals and their channel partners goals. Depending on how you are managing marketing initiatives for you and your local partners, it can be difficult to not only recognize that gap, but bridge it as well.

At times, it can seem like a network’s affiliates, franchisees, or retailers, are uninterested in pursuing any sort of marketing tactics for their local business for a number of possible reasons. Check out the 3 tips below to increase network engagement, making for a happier, more engaged, and more successful outcome for both you and your network.

  1. Align Network Goals with your Channel Partners Goals

Many times the goals of the Network users do not necessarily match up to the corporate-level goals. While this is not a bad thing, it is a factor that must be taken into consideration when you are deciding the best local marketing solution for your brand, and ensuring they take advantage of the resources you will be providing to them.

Though your goals might not always match up, there is likely always common ground where they do align, and finding that alignment will result in a more positive outcome for both you and your local partners. Take the time to get to know your local partners and understand what it is they are seeking for at the local level, and what it is they want to achieve. Find common ground between this and your goals and implement accordingly. They’ll thank you later.

  1. Make it Easy as 1, 2, 3

It’s as simple as this: provide your network with the resources they need and make it easy for them to take advantage of them. Want to launch a direct mail marketing program? Outline and provide your local partners with the steps to enroll, and take the guess work out of it. Don’t give them a reason to back out of participating, and confusing or unclear direction might do this.

Their time is valuable and their patience can at times run dry when they are tasked with complicated, time-consuming enrollment processes. Provide them with the steps they need to take, as simply as possible. Let your marketing program do the rest. And speaking of marketing programs…

  1. Automate What You Can, When You Can

Social media posts? Email communications? Direct mail marketing programs? Automate it all. Your local partners have a limited amount of time as it is trying to run their own businesses. Provide them with the opportunity to participate in and take advantage of these marketing tactics, while not having to worry about taking away the time or resources that they need to keep their local business up and running.

Maintaining and tracking marketing initiative success can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Partner with a local marketing software that sees the value in Automated Programs and what it will mean to your local partners. You as Brand can dictate the rules and what the program will entail, and all your local partners will need to do is enroll, then sit back and relax.


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