The Next Evolution of Distributed Marketing

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The goal of every Channel Marketing campaign is to increase sales. But the complexity of distributed marketing often causes campaigns to be less than effective:

  • Local Partners want to use digital tactics but are not experts at modern marketing.
  • Traditional marketing tactics, like Newspaper Ads and Direct Mail, cannot be ignored.
  • Distributed marketing can be complex and time consuming.
  • Media buying at the local level is also time consuming and fraught with problems.

SproutLoud’s mission is to make Channel Marketing simple and more effective. To this end, we have created a comprehensive set of marketing tactics that enable Brands and Partners to create awareness, drive leads and close potential customers.

Every Tactic – One Platform

SproutLoud has integrated virtually every type of marketing tactic directly into our Platform. From cutting-edge digital marketing to traditional campaigns, SproutLoud gives Brands and Partners the automation they need to surpass every sales goal.

Digital Marketing Tactics

SproutLoud’s Platform encourages Partners to use digital marketing tactics — like Paid Search, Dynamic Local Display and Social Media Content Syndication — by making execution as simple as point and click.

Traditional Marketing Tactics

SproutLoud has built a comprehensive set of traditional tactics — including Newspaper, TV and Direct Mail — in the Partner Portal. And because fulfillment of these tactics is handled by SproutLoud, Partners can focus on selling instead of marketing.

Marketing Programs

From Data-Triggered Programs for Email Marketing and Direct Mail to Automated Marketing Programs, where Partners can “Set-It-and-Forget-It,” SproutLoud makes Partner marketing simple and more effective.

Hyper-Local Media Buying

SproutLoud’s Local Media Buying service can execute the time-intensive work of placing Newspaper, TV, Radio and Outdoor Ads on the Partner’s behalf. In 2016 alone, Partners will rely on SproutLoud to purchase about 8,500 media buys that range anywhere from major newspaper insertions to TV spots on local stations.

Marketing Service Providers

SproutLoud has integrated an ecosystem of over 40 best-in-class Marketing Service Providers (MSPs) that provide digital advertising (Organic, Paid Search, etc.) and traditional advertising (Direct Mail, Newspaper Ads, Collateral, etc.) into the SproutLoud Platform. This simplifies campaign execution and ensures exceptional performance.