Save Up to 50% on Co-Op

72% of Brands have staff dedicated to managing Co-Op Claims. SproutLoud’s Intelligent Funds Management software allows Brands to move traditional Co-Op Claims and Reimbursements to the cloud and save up to 50% on claims processing.


Get Rid of Co-Op Claims For Good

Less than 50% of Partners participate in Co-Op Campaigns because the Claims and Reimbursement process is so difficult.  With SproutPay Instant Funding, Partners receive Co-Op Funds instantly with no claims, no reimbursements and no threat of Fraud.


Get Real-Time Insight

Measuring success in a decentralized Channel Program is next to impossible. By centralizing Co-Op campaigns on SproutLoud’s Channel Marketing Automation Platform, Brands get in-depth analytics on the performance of their Channel Marketing spend.


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