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The STEM: Enhance your multi channel and local marketing tactics

At SproutLoud, we talk to thousands of local partners each month. In every conversation, we always hear the same question: What’s working for everyone else? Are there any local or multi channel marketing examples or tactics to follow?

Local marketing is time consuming!

We know it can be difficult and time-consuming to make decisions about your marketing efforts, keep up with the best tactics, or simply manage your Co-Op Advertising funds. For that reason, we’re pleased to introduce you to SproutLoud’s Tips on Enhancing Marketing — The STEM — a monthly newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. Here we include key tips, success stories, and most importantly, the answers to some of the most popular questions we receive from partners like you.

We know that all of our partners are busy running their businesses and don’t have much time to allocate to anything else, especially to the large workloads required for specialized marketing. Each email we send will take just under five minutes to read. On top of that, we’ll make it very easy for you to contact our team if you read something you like and want to learn more. Our team of Local Marketing Experts are here for you.

Multi channel marketing decisions

If you, like most of our partners, have been wondering if your customers can find you online, if your website is really working for you, or what exactly “Dynamic Local Display” is and how will this help your business, then we’re here for you.

We’d also like to hear from partners on which marketing topics are most important to you. Whether you have a specific question, would like to know more about multi channel tactics, or simply want advice, we’d love to help. You can submit your question or topic request here.

Our Partners often tell us that there’s so much going on with running a business, which makes it hard to keep up their marketing. We’ve heard from you that it’s challenging to dig through what’s real and what will drive results, versus things that may look good but don’t actually provide much value. At SproutLoud, staying true to our roots is important to us. We’ll always give you our raw, real, plant-based recommendations — no pesticides. That’s why we’ve built The STEM.

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