Facebook and Instagram Tips for Multi-Location Marketing

Facebook and Instagram Tips for Multi-Location Marketing Success

Facebook and Instagram are among today’s most popular social media platforms. And leveraging social media and digital marketing to drive brand awareness and customer loyalty is a natural fit for multi-location marketing. Let’s take a look at some helpful social media marketing tips and tricks to get started.

Make Sure Your Facebook and Instagram Are Business Pages

On Facebook and Instagram, in order to gauge how your pages are performing and what works best, make sure that your pages are business pages. Some businesses make the mistake of creating personal Facebook and Instagram accounts instead of creating them as business pages. The difference is that with a personal account, users will have to add your page as a friend, as opposed to simply liking it as a business page. Creating a business page gives you access to more marketing and analytics tools to view insights and engagement. For example, converting your Instagram page from personal to business allows you to view different insights, such as profile visits, interactions, accounts reached and more. This will help you determine what type of content is helping your page gain traction so that you can continue to post content to increase engagement with current and prospective customers.

Make Your Social Media Pages Public

Don’t make the mistake of keeping your local business social media pages private. If potential customers visit your business page and see that they have to follow you or request your permission in order to view your content, they are likely to leave your page without engaging.  To promote your local business to current and potential customers, be sure your page is set as public and open for access.

Invite Your Friends to Like Your Facebook Page

If you’ve just created a Facebook page for your local business, you may be wondering how to gain followers. There is a section on your Facebook business homepage where you can invite your friends to like your business page. You can select all of your Facebook friends at the same time and send out a mass invitation to increase your following. In the invitation, you can ask your Facebook friends to do the same with their friend lists as well, and this can exponentially bring more awareness and more followers to your business.

Boost Your Posts

On both Facebook and Instagram, you are able to boost or promote your posts, respectively so posts can gain more visibility and interaction. You are able to choose the organic post that you created and make it visible to Instagram or Facebook users who may not already be following or like your page. You’re able to target certain demographics, your preferred location, and set the budget that you want to allocate to the campaigns. If you aren’t sure how to target your ads, both Facebook and Instagram make it easy to automatically target people similar to those who already follow your page. For multi-location businesses in local markets, it’s very helpful to have social media marketing tools at your fingertips.

The branding and awareness opportunities that social media provides for businesses are amazing. There are so many ways that you can use social media to your business advantage.

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