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SproutLoud for Distributors

Distributed Marketing Built for Distributors

Distributors are often the main way manufacturers cost-effectively move products, especially when selling through thousands of independently owned locations. Many Distributed Marketing platforms can’t accommodate setting up proper account structure for a three- or four-tier product distribution model — but SproutLoud can. SproutLoud offers a robust account structure, role-setting functionality, funds management options that include Co-Op Marketing or MDF distribution, asset restrictions and user group access. Smart distributors see the value in being the main hub their dealers, retailers and contractors need to access marketing programs. SproutLoud for Distributors allows distributors to utilize content and funds from multiple brands, simplifies upstream and downstream collaboration, allows partners and multi-location stores to independently build their own networks, and provides insight into performance at every level.

SproutLoud is the only distributed marketing software solution that offers support for multi-tier partner relationships.

Distributed Marketing for distributors

Support for Distributor-led Partner Relationships

Support for Distributor-led Partner Relationships

Local Marketing Automation Ignites Engagement and Sales


Smart Local Marketing Software

SproutLoud’s Distributed Marketing software changes the way distributors go to market:

Distributors can provide their dealers with SproutLoud’s easy-to-use marketing platform, so they can localize marketing in only a few clicks

Distributors can utilize content and funds from multiple brands and distribute those assets and funds to downstream partners as appropriate

Distributors can choose to have SproutLoud do the work on behalf of their dealers or opt for self-service


Funds Management

Utilize advertising funds from multiple OEM partners and allocate them to your dealers immediately, while improving visibility and control:

• Attach funding directly to marketing campaigns in real-time

• Synthesize the management of funds and campaigns in one solution

• Native business intelligence, easy-to-access marketing analytics dashboards, and end-user marketing attribution data empower you to invest in what works


Success Management

Getting engaged is the name of the game:

SproutLoud’s Partner Ignite program is designed to drive dealer engagement and help your company replicate high-performing behaviors among your dealer network

• SproutLoud provides the expertise and exceptional customer service needed for custom marketing plans

• An ecosystem of 100+ Marketing Service Integrations ensures campaigns are executed flawlessly using your vendors or ours

Pre-Built Marketing Stack for End Users

Asset Management Creation

Asset Creation

Marketing Concierge

Marketing Tactics

Funds Management

Distributor/Dealer Training

Local Marketing Execution

Marketing Vendors

Marketing Campaign Enrollment

Marketing Concierge

Marketing Tactics

Campaign Enrollment

Reseller Training

Campaign Approvals

Campaign Approvals

Instant Co-Pay, Co-Op Marketing Funding and Reimbursements

Marketing analytics

Funds Management

Instant Co-Pay, Co-op Marketing

Local Execution

Marketing vendors

Marketing Analytics

Dealers Going Rogue

Is it easier for dealers to run their own campaigns? For many dealers, handling complex brand guidelines means taking time away from customers. SproutLoud’s Distributed Marketing software solution makes marketing as simple as point-and-click, with rules-based automation that makes it faster and more cost-effective to get even more campaigns to market.

Dealers Not Participating in Campaigns

SproutLoud delivers solutions with measurable results. Our programs historically see more than 70% dealer engagement in the programs we run on behalf of distributors or manufacturers. SproutLoud takes a data-driven approach, showing dealers how they are doing in regional and local markets. We provide digital scorecards, custom marketing plans and a Marketing Concierge™ to do the heavy lifting for them.

Lack of Analytics

With SproutLoud’s Distributed Marketing software, all local campaign execution occurs in a controlled, measurable environment. This allows brands to invest in what works and improve efficiency in marketing spend.

No Connection between National and Local Campaigns

It’s crucial to connect national campaigns to local advertising with CTAs specific to local resellers. SproutLoud uses rules-based automation, so only current ads are available to end users, and messages are clear at the local level.

Too Many Customization Requests from End Users

In some situations, distributors may act as the middleman on behalf of the manufacturers to make sure their resellers can customize local marketing materials while remaining brand compliant. This can be an arduous process for distributors, who prefer to avoid the issue rather than proactively taking it on to add more value to their dealers. This can typically create a  serious challenge to brand compliance. SproutLoud creates dynamic templates that are pre-set with brand-compliant options, which dealers can easily use to customize local ads. No need for email requests, ad agencies, nor lengthy approval processes.

When a leader in the manufacturing industry was dealing with a patchwork of segregated marketing fulfillment providers, too many vendors and incompatible systems, they came to SproutLoud, an industry leader...

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