SproutLoud Announces Strategic Partnership with Invoca

SproutLoud Announces Strategic Partnership with Invoca

SproutLoud, the leading Distributed Marketing platform for brands and their distributed networks, today announced its strategic partnership with Invoca, the leading Active Conversation Intelligence platform for revenue teams. Together these two powerhouses in marketing technology are extending AI-powered conversation intelligence to companies that sell their products through vast distributed networks of resellers.

“At the enterprise level, whether you’re managing thousands SproutLoud Announces Strategic Partnership with Invocaor tens of thousands of ads with call tracking attribution, it’s easy because purchasing those advertising tactics is centralized. But when those purchasing decisions are spread across a national or global network of individual resellers, that’s an entirely different and more complex dynamic. By integrating the power of Invoca with SproutLoud’s Distributed Marketing platform, together, we are the first and only solution on the market to solve for that,” said SproutLoud President Gary Ritkes.

Together with Invoca, the SproutLoud solution provides outcome, marketing attribution and ROI reporting for channel partners in industries like financial services, insurance, healthcare and home services — when phone calls are the most meaningful marketing conversion metric tracked for demand generation.

“Using call tracking to get marketing attribution and valuable customer conversation data from phone calls was once a labor-intensive task for companies with franchise and dealer network business models,” said Nathan Ziv, Senior Vice President, product management at Invoca. “When you combine Invoca’s multi-location call tracking with SproutLoud, setting up and managing campaigns is automated and data is centralized, providing multi-location businesses with a single corporate view that enables smarter spending decisions, better marketing program optimization, and higher revenue.”

The integration between Invoca and SproutLoud amplifies ease-of-use and accessibility for service businesses, like Starkey, that rely on phone calls to signal demand to Starkey’s network of audiology reseller partners.

“Previously, as we were pulling marketing for our customers using the platform, we had to log into multiple tools to provision a call tracking number, a separate tool to place the order via SproutLoud, and yet another tool to log in and get results,” said Dawn Hepper, director of retail marketing at Starkey. “All that went away when we were able to centralize everything into SproutLoud through the integration, saving us about 200 manhours each month. We had coordinators on our team whose primary role was data entry. Now, we can repurpose those same individuals with higher impact tasks that they can do on a day-to-day basis to help improve efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns for our customers.”

In addition, SproutLoud has built the Distributed Marketing industry’s first rules-engine to manage call tracking provisioning and reporting marketing attribution in granular detail, including media spend, in-market dates and response events across channel partner networks.

“We had access to a lot of robust information with Invoca, and we still do for a lot of detailed analysis. But when it comes down to being able to distill that information to what is most impactful to our customers, our dealers, the integration with SproutLoud takes the most important things and puts them front and center,” Hepper said.

Invoca’s integration in the SproutLoud platform allows for calls to be automatically scored using a trained AI model to provide a deeper level of attribution. This means companies get roll-up reporting with more relevant data, such as cost-per-appointment or cost-per-sale for phone transactions across entire partner ecosystems.

“With this level of detail, brands can get better intel about how their partners’ calls are performing at the local level. This is valuable information for everything from measuring results, to training your sales operations team, to deciding where, when and how to spend your advertising dollars.” Ritkes said.



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