SproutLoud Marketing Analytics Earns Top Ratings in G2 Winter 2023 Report

SproutLoud Marketing Analytics Earns Top Ratings in G2 Winter 2023 Report

SproutLoud, a leader in Through Channel Marketing Automation, won top ratings for Marketing Analytics in the Winter 2023 Report from software review platform G2. SproutLoud Marketing Analytics is rated No. 1 on G2’s Enterprise and Mid-Market usability indices and earned badges for High Performance, Easiest to Do Business With, Best Usability, Best Support, Easiest Set Up,  Easiest to Use, Easiest Admin, Best Meets Requirements, and Users Most Likely to Recommend.

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In the report, G2 awarded SproutLoud 59 recognition badges, across 6 categories:

  • Through Channel Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Local Marketing
  • Landing Page Builders
  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Local SEO

G2 Awarded SproutLoud 59 Badges in the Winter 2023 Report



See what clients are saying about SproutLoud:


“By utilizing SproutLoud, we could streamline processes and have more control over what goes where in terms of dealers and distributors in our network. With SproutLoud, we became more accountable, in a good way, because we got things done quickly, in a more automated way. We saved time. And we had more ownership of what the customer experience looked like for our end users.”

– Missy M., Director of Marketing, Enterprise company


“SproutLoud makes your life easier. Low-cost marketing with huge results. SproutLoud makes it easy as they do all the heavy work.”

– Dennis B., Franchise Owner, Mid-Market


“SproutLoud is the solution to my marketing questions! The quickness and reliability of service I continually receive. My representative is knowledgeable and empathetic to my needs as a small business owner.”

– Terry R., Franchise Owner, Cruise and Travel Advisor, Small Business


“My experience has always been wonderful with SproutLoud. Very professional and helpful.”

– Michael M., General Manager, Small Business


“Easiest way to acquire Generac generator customers. SproutLoud is so easy to use because it is hands-off. They do it all for you.”

– Dale B., Managing Director, Small Business


“Great model. Easy to use experience. It’s accessible. The platform is dummy-proof. Easy click-throughs to get what I need. The layout makes sense. Nothing to fuss with.”

– Brett A., Marketing Director, Small Business


“SproutLoud makes my business look so much better. I like how attentive the customer service reps are. They always listen and offer great solutions.”

– Craig T., Travel Consultant, Small Business


“Highly recommended!!”

– Thomas P., Owner, Small Business


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