Quality vs. Quantity – which is best for Email Success


The old adage – Quality vs. Quantity – plays a big factor in the email metrics world. Understanding the following email metrics will improve your marketing efforts and increase your ROI.

  1. List size and quality – With a smaller list size, you can expect to see higher opens and clicks. With larger lists, you are more likely marketing to a less targeted audience, and will therefore have lower opens and clicks.
  2. Deliverability – The number of emails sent that arrived in the inbox. This metric tells you how many invalid and bounced emails were in your list. However, it does not tell you what ended up in Spam folders.
  3. Unsubscribes/SPAM Complaints – High unsubscribe rates and SPAM complaints will hurt your email reputation which may result in your emails not getting through to inboxes – even for valid email addresses. You should aim for a total unsubscribe/SPAM rate of less than 1%.
  4. Open Rates – It is critical to monitor both your total and unique open rates. These tell you if your content is effective and they let you know if recipients are coming back to your email more than once.
  5. Click-Through rates – Click-through rates should also be monitored as total and unique. They can tell you which links attracted the most clicks and how enticing your email was overall.
  6. Conversions – Conversions tell you how many people clicked-through your email and converted – made a purchase, filled out a form, etc.

Here are some simple steps to improve your email metrics and the quality of your email sends:

  • Scrub old and non-responsive email addresses often.
  • Create relevant subject lines, pre-headers and content.
  • Make sure your content is appealing and timely.
  • Observe the right time of day and day of the week that your recipients are most likely to open your emails.
  • Test, test, then test again to see what your recipients respond the most to.

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