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At some point in our lives, we have all understood the power of a handwritten letter. They are genuine and organic in nature and remind us that, even in the fast paced world we live in, people still stop and take the time to break out the pen and paper and write.

How many times have you collected your mail, leafed through the countless magazines and mailers hoping to find an item marked by the familiarity of handwriting, only to find that a majority of that mail is mass marketing and you end up throwing it away? For most of you, I am sure that the answer is almost every day. So how do brands encourage their target audience to actually look at their mail? By bringing back the power of the pen!  Data and a revolutionary, yet simple, technology enables brands to promote their services and products in a relevant way by incorporating a personal touch.

Automated Handwritten technology allows you to send packages, letters, envelopes and postcards that are written with a real ballpoint pen. How does it work? Picture a cad-cam machine that are fitted with actual ballpoint pens used to transcribe messages and addresses from the brand to their consumers. This is not only a proven and effective marketing strategy, but one that is seemingly authentic and original by providing the look and feel of a genuinely crafted letter that. If a consumer is reading a letter that they believe to be written directly by that local business owner or manager, the message will feel more intimate, making that consumer think twice before throwing it away and consider taking an alternative action – to respond!

In putting our theory to the test, we sent out direct mail pieces in which the text was printed via laser with an Inkjet faux font (recreated to look like a script handwritten font, but is actually laser printed) as well as with the Automated Handwritten addressing technology. It turns out that in some cases, looks do make a difference.

In comparison to an ink jet address, an Automated Handwritten addressed envelope increased the overall response rate by 32% and profit by 42%. Cards containing handwritten messages and accompanied by an ‘actual’ signature increased the response rate by 36.5% over the course of a six week running time. In combining both an Automated Handwritten addressed and labeled envelope along with the Automated Handwritten message and a ‘live’ stamp, the response rate was raised by over 100% and increased revenue by 160%.

So, next time you are sending out a direct mail piece to your audience, consider the importance of handwriting over standard laser or inkjet. This strategy does not only provide a nostalgic “feel good” effect, but powerfully impacts your ROI. Breaking out the pen could ultimately create a boom in your bottom line.


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