Choosing the right Channel Marketing Solution

Look Under the Hood: Choosing the Right Channel Marketing Automation Solution

Google “TCMA provider” or “Through-Channel Marketing Automation provider,” and you’ll be inundated with search results. Today, Brands have a lot of choices when it comes choosing a Software-as-a-Service Channel Marketing Automation Platform. But it can be hard to separate the truly leading innovators from those who promise more than they can deliver.

So, where do you begin? Take a look at what sets Channel Marketing leaders apart from the rest of the pack. To do that, you’ve got to look under the hood.

First, there are some basic principles that all SaaS Channel Marketing Automation providers should adhere to:

  • Add value to Brands and their Channel Partners
  • Be transparent about the inner workings of services offered
  • Follow through, from start to finish and beyond, to deliver Channel Marketing results

If a review of a Channel Marketing Automation provider leads you to wonder whether they adhere to these key principles, keep looking. Leaders in Channel Marketing Automation deliver on all three counts.  Here’s what you need to look for:

Added Value

Cost isn’t the only factor. To determine value, it’s also important to look at the quality of customer support, the breadth of available tactic and service offerings, service reliability and customization options. To really know your Channel Marketing Automation provider, take a look at the company’s culture and track record as a service provider:

  • What kind of skills and experience does their team have?
  • What are the company’s Core Values?
  • How do they work with one another and with customers?
  • What do they do when things don’t go according to plan?

Knowing this will help you understand if you’re working with the kind of team that is ready, able and willing to go the extra mile, when your Brand and your Partners need it most.

Visibility and Transparency

At SproutLoud, the Lean Agile Mindset is embedded into our DNA. That means that visibility and transparency is already an integral part of how we work with Brands and their Partners. As a service provider, it provides immense value to have a say in the product offering along with the working dynamics involved in product development.

Follow Through

The Agile Mindset guides the way we deliver local marketing solutions. This is imperative to the value delivery proposition, where we strive to work on the most valuable products at any given time — focusing on innovation in the areas that deliver ROI for Brands and their Partners. Instead of spending time and money on pet projects or projects that do not offer value delivery, we remain focused on what’s crucial for our clients, their needs and their priorities. At Sproutloud, we back this up with data and analytics, so our Brands and their Partners can invest only in what works.

At SproutLoud, what matters most is: Clients First. It’s the first our company’s Core Values, and it’s the fundamental construct of our Lean Agile Mindset. Delivering service and support is not a catch phrase. We believe that no matter what a person’s role is within the company, going above and beyond for our Brands and their Partners is simply what we do, every day.


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