Is your search strategy driving customers into your local dealers?

There is no doubt that search is the primary way that customers find out about your company, your products and where to buy them.  To optimize search results major brands are turning to bid management solutions that manage keywords, control bids and analyze performance.  But while most organizations have a clear keyword search strategy at the national level, tying those keywords to the local point of sale gets a little tricky.  To solve this problem innovative brands are turning to platforms like Sproutloud to automate their search strategy at the local level.

Chances are your channel partners are not equipped with the expertise or time necessary to successfully run a paid search campaign. Even if they could – would you really want them to?  Your local partners are most valuable when they are front of customers selling the value of your products. It would be the wrong idea to have them sitting in the back office  struggling with search tools.

That’s why Sproutloud’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation platform is so valuable to national brands.  Using Sproutloud, brands can set up a local search marketing campaign built off the national strategy.  Partners then subscribe to the campaign and Sproutloud’s automated platform executes it on their behalf.  Sproutloud then provides powerful analytics to the local partner and the brand on what is working and what isn’t.

Below are the top reasons why localizing the power of bid management is important for brands that sell through channel partners:

  • Better Control.  Keyword search management is complex and changes daily. By utilizing advanced filters and bid parameters in a bid management platform, brands can control the overarching strategy and their local partners can access newly optimized campaigns quickly and efficiently.
  • Simplified Execution. It takes a great amount of time and effort to create and launch campaigns—and for channel partners that time is better spent answering phones, making calls, or closing sales. Automating campaign execution saves considerable time for brands and provides more opportunity for local partners to do what they do best: sell.
  • Faster Optimization. Bid management platforms simplify the discovery of keywords that are your top contributors as well as the ones that are negatively impacting the performance of a campaign. The quicker you gain a total understanding of your keyword results, the faster necessary adjustments can be made to optimize your paid search campaign performance.
  • Streamlined Reporting and Analysis. Fully automated reporting tracks and reports on specific keywords and their performance. Putting these analytics in the hands of the brand marketing team and the local dealer enables the national and local strategies to respond to changes in search trends.
  • Optimized ROI:  The power of bid management is that you have the insight and analytics to only invest in the keywords that are driving traffic.  This means that brands and their local partners are getting maximum performance from every search dollar they spend.
  • Streamlined Co-op Funds Management. Coordinating investments on local search between the national brand and the local partner can be difficult.  An effective bid management platform streamlines this process tieing brand co-op funds directly to the automated campaign.  This means that the local partner can access that funding as soon as they subscribe to the campaign and pay their portion instantly with a credit card.

Probably more than any other marketing tactic, a coordinated paid search campaign is crucial to generating sales leads at the local level. With SproutLoud’s automated paid search campaigns, brands and their channel partners can easily optimize the performance of their keywords to drive more customers directly to the point of sale.

Unsure where to start? Contact us today to discuss how we can handle your paid search campaign in concert with your channel partners and help you yield lucrative results.


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