Formatting the Perfect Marketing Email


People are really busy these days, so they are quick in sorting through their email inbox. With limited time and preview visibility in email platforms it is imperative to keep your marketing messages concise, compelling and clear to readers otherwise they may go directly into the trash folder. Here are a few tips to developing the perfect marketing email.

1. Compose your message in short chunks of text. Particularly when it comes to email, readers want to get to the point quickly.

2. Quickly and concisely explain who you are and what you can do for the recipient. Highlight the best selling qualities of a service or product. This will draw the reader to your strong points quickly.

3. Your emails don’t need to contain all of the information that you wish to convey. You can have links back to relevant pages on your website or another property to provide details that would make the email too long, but that some readers would be interested in reading. Make sure that you are clear in what you expect the reader to do, such as buy a product or sign up for a newsletter.

If it is appropriate you can also create a sense of urgency to entice action from your recipients.

1. Phrases such as “act now to save” or “limited time offer” entire recipients into action.

2. If they feel that action is required urgently, not only might they open and read the entire message, but they are more likely to respond right away.

3. If the reader senses no urgency, or timeliness in your message, they move on, never to return.

Be sure to include a link in the email or an additional information request button that readers can use to quickly gather needed information. Also make sure that responses are read and acted upon by someone on your marketing team. If readers have to search for a way to respond, they are less likely to do so, and if they don’t receive any feedback from their response, they may quickly lose interest. A concise, interesting, and persuasive email will get your point across quickly, increasing your opportunity for sales.


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