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In the world of modern advertising an email campaign is the heart of internet marketing. On the other hand, SPAM creates tremendous annoyance among customers. The worst thing you can do is cross that line between junk email and a successful campaign. Your email marketing campaign should be beneficial to your readers, and in doing so the helpful content will make the readers want to opt-in. Businesses should implement opt-in email programs to target consumers and other businesses for a productive email marketing plan. The only way to maintain a steady amount of opt-in followers is to create an enticing and beneficial email.

Catch the Reader’s Eye The subject line in every email should encourage the reader to open the email and continue to read it. It is important that the subject line is condensed, yet still engaging the customer, such as “Check out our new product – designed with you in mind!” Your intent should be to influence your reader with your marketing. This can be done by pulling them in with new products, specials and promotions, helpful ideas, or even an exciting sneak peek into your business. By creating a hook, your reader will be drawn into reading the valuable email and, as a result, anticipate your future emails.

Reader Interaction Great – you’re reader has read your email! However, your ultimate goal is to have the reader remember your business or product. To assure that you are remembered, it is essential to make the reader feel the need to respond to your email or take a step further to interact with your company. For instance, you can make the readers feel like they have a purpose by asking for their contribution or feedback on a subject that excites or concerns your target audience. It is also important that you connect your readers with your existing social networks and website. You can do this by influencing them that these sites have useful information that can help them. As always a monetary incentive will draw in the readers, but make sure if you are spending your marketing dollars that their response benefits you as well. By getting a strong response, you both imprint your brand’s name in the customers’ mind and gain data.

Don’t Go Overboard They last place you want to end up is in the junk or trash folder in your readers’ email. Your email will go directly in these folders if you start sending excessive or undesirable emails. At this point, your email marketing campaign is hurting your business, not boosting it. Make sure that you’re focusing on the quality of the message rather than the quantity of emails – this will get you a lot further. Depending on your target audience, emails once a day could be too much. It is important to gauge your readers by the responses and feedback. You can also create an option to allow your reader to customize the frequency, where they can opt-in to daily, weekly, or monthly emails. This way your readers don’t feel spiteful to your business, but rather welcomed and more open to begin a trustful relationship.


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