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I recently decided to buy a new bicycle. My old bike still works, but it’s old, heavy and hauling it up and down the stairs of our condo is a beast – not a fun time at all.  So I searched online for bikes with good reviews and drove around with my Yelp app in hand. After a couple weeks of testing out different bikes, I found one that I liked and luckily there was a store in Coral Gables, Florida that carried it.

I hopped in my car, parked and walked up to…an empty building. What??? I pulled up Yelp on my phone to double-check and I was directed to the same, empty building. I searched on Google maps, Google+ and Facebook with the same result. I finally found a website with an updated business address. Turns out, the store moved several months ago. When I asked the sales person how his business was doing, he said not as many people are walking in.

I ended up buying a bike from this store, but most people would have shrugged their shoulders and assumed the store was out of business. An optimized and complete profile gives your business a better chance of being found in map and directory searches. It lets searchers know what you’re about and provides them an additional level of confidence when they actually desire to visit your business. With the continued rise of mobile search, consumers are more likely to find you online than by walking past your physical storefront. Don’t let your competition get the upper hand.


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