Data Match Retargeting: Successful Integrated Marketing Through the Channel

Consistency and repetition are two critical parts of marketing. When consumers encounter hundreds or thousands of marketing tactics every single day, it’s difficult for them to remember everything they see and hear. If they see and hear the same messages about your brand, they’ll remember you much more easily. This is why integrated marketing is so important. By reaching your customers through different marketing channels, you have multiple opportunities to strengthen your relationships with them.

Integrated marketing — presenting a consistent brand message through different channels — isn’t easy, but it’s harder for distributed organizations. Your partners are busy business owners, and they might not have time to put together a multichannel marketing campaign. They also don’t know as much as you do about which tactics complement each other well. Despite these challenges, it’s still possible to conduct integrated marketing through your partners. One way you can do this is through data match retargeting.

Data match retargeting starts by matching customer data from your CRM with online cookies. The information pulled from your CRM system includes mailing and email addresses. Customers who will be receiving emails or direct mail pieces from you will also see customized and co-branded display ads before and after they receive the emails and/or direct mail.

These ads take customers who click on them to a landing page, which will give them more information about the nearest local business that sells your brand. Customers even have an opportunity to submit a contact request. All of these tactics contain a co-branded message and information about the nearest location to find your product or service.

Creating and sending direct mail pieces, emails, and online display ads sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to make data match retargeting work financially for you and your partners is to cover it (at least partially) with co-marketing funds. Whether you use co-op funds or MDF, funds are a great way to influence your partners to take advantage of the marketing tactics you create for them. Funds are also a way for you to cut costs since you are paying for part, not all, of their participation. Ultimately, funds facilitate your partners’ involvement in integrated marketing to build your brand and their businesses.

Data match retargeting is a successful way to orchestrate multichannel marketing through your partner network. The multiple messages will increase your brand’s exposure so that your customers remember who you are and where to find you.  This tactic is even more effective when you cover it with co-marketing funds. Your partners are an indispensable part of your local marketing strategy, so incorporating funds into this tactic will make partners more likely to use data match retargeting to help you promote your product or service.

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