Building a Facebook Audience: 5 Tips for Distributed Marketing Orgs


Building a Facebook audience can be intimidating, especially if your network members are not experienced social media users. As more and more of your current and prospective clients are on Facebook, it’s important that your network members are as well, generating buzz about your brand! The average Facebook user spends 15 hours and 33 minutes1 on the site every month. This is an enormous window of opportunity to expose your brand, attract new customers and keep current customers engaged. What are some ways that you can help your network members build their Facebook audience, without putting too much strain on the resources of your home office?

1. Add Facebook URLs to all Marketing Collateral:

Make sure your network members are able to customize their Facebook information on all or most marketing collateral that touches the consumer. This gives visibility to local Facebook pages and drives traffic.

2. Automate Your Social programs:

If you need deeper insight and control over branded social content, look for an automated solution so that you can create and schedule brand-created posts to distribute down through local channels. This provides regularity in posts, so if a network member isn’t engaged full throttle on Facebook you can support their efforts with scheduled posts. The more content you and your network put out there, the more opportunities your brand has to get noticed, and get liked.

3. Cruise Facebook Daily:

Encourage your network members to dedicate 15-30 minutes each day to cruise around to see what other companies are up to. Your network members should feel comfortable liking other business pages, and making positive, knowledgeable comments. The easiest way to get noticed by other social networkers is by supportive commenting on other pages.

4. Create Contests Monthly:

Make contests available to your network member to share through Facebook. If not now, then soon. With contests, you’re engaging your network in a fun and productive way that can create a general buzz. Get people talking and they’ll help attract more people to your network member’s page, increasing your overall audience and creating more potential customers.

5. Set Goals:

Lastly, set a goal for your network members. If you have a goal of how big you want your audience to be, depending on how competitive they are, chances are your members will meet and exceed that goal. Post your goal in the company forum and the first network member who reaches the goal receives an award, perhaps co-ops funds to apply to promotional items and other P.O.P. materials. Sometimes all it takes is a goal/reward scenario to drive extra initiative and effort. Implement these tips and building your Facebook audience will become a fun challenge to undertake with your network. The end result is going to be positive: the branches of your brand will grow tall, while your local roots run deep. And that is growth!


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