Binders Full of Women –The Fastest Growing Facebook Page Ever?


Last night, the second presidential debate featured Mitt Romney’s comment about receiving “binders full of women” when he decided to search for qualified women to help fill some cabinet posts as governor of Massachusetts. Well. That sure stirred things up. Immediately, thousands of tweets went out, memes were generated and a Tumblr account now displays various images about women and binders. Most notably, is what is happening on Facebook. Virality. Adoption. Reach. The holy trinity for social media marketers.

Now, of course the life cycle on this frenzy will probably be pretty short, and we don’t all have the platform of national television and a presidential candidate to create your content, but there’s still a lesson here in consumer behavior. Tap into what your audience is interested in, be creative and have a little fun. People love to share — and you may be surprised at how far something silly can go.

The Viral Line of Fire

Full disclosure — last night at about 10:30, the existence of the page came across my stream and I “liked”. I was amazed to see that in less than an hour, there were already more than 35,000 likes. Imagine my surprise today when I popped by to see nearly 300,000. And in the time its taken me to write this blog, they’ve picked up another 4,000. That’s in about 25 minutes. So is this the fastest growing VIRAL facebook page ever? Seems like it.


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