5 Reasons to Automate PPC Campaigns for Local Partners

While no Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign should be left to run on auto-pilot, there is something to be said for brands that create PPC campaigns for their local partners through a local marketing automation platform. A local marketing automation platform enables brands to create various marketing programs based on participation and permission rules. Local partners enroll in the program, adjust their settings as needed, and it runs automatically so the local store owner can focus on operational business related tasks.

The Gift to Partners That Gives Back to Brand

As most local store owners are not search engine marketing experts, a channel marketing software that hosts marking programs for local PPC and search helps network partners bring in highly qualified visitors to their websites from Google, Bing and Yahoo. Below are five reasons why PPC through local marketing automation benefits both brands and local business owners that sell their products.

  1. A brand can increase their visibility through the PPC campaigns of their local partners, gaining additional exposure on search engines from PPC campaigns. In addition, the local store receives localized visibility to prospects in their area.
  2. Because the brand is allowing local business owners to opt-into the PPC campaigns, they can ensure that their brand messaging is streamlined consistently across all local partners.
  3. Campaigns at the local level are on average more cost-effective than counterpart campaigns at the national or regional level due to increased relevancy and targeting at the local level. The individual components of each campaign include localized elements to ensure that the user is visiting the webpage most relevant to the service or product they searched for within their specified area.
  4. A local marketing automation platform provides easy adoption for local businesses as they don’t have to spend resources creating, managing or optimizing PPC campaigns because the platform takes care of that for all campaigns.
  5. As the local business owner is enrolling into a PPC program, he/she can select which campaigns to opt into as well as select customizable budget levels.

PPC Outlook

Some 72% of marketer respondents to a recent Hanapin Marketing study say they plan on increasing PPC budgets. Google’s recent decision to limit keyword referral data in the organic search terms report on Google Analytics and the fact that AdWords customers can see if keywords are working lends to paid search.  The scale, versatility, and unambiguous nature of local PPC makes it an integral part of through-partner marketing strategy.

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